Clubs & Activities 9-12

Extra-curricular activities are privileges available to students who fulfill their academic and behavioural responsibilities at St. Patrick’s. All students at St. Patrick’s are encouraged to join clubs, groups, and/or teams.

Some of the many activities include:

Art Club
Book Club
Drama Club
Environment Club
Fitness Club
God Squad
Graduation Committee
Homework Club
Instrumental Bands
Liturgical Choir
Multicultural Club
Peer Helpers
Reach for the Top
Ski Club
Social Awareness
Student Council

Clubs & Activities 7-8

Art Club
Drama Club
Glee Club
Guitar Club
Beats Club
Concert Band
Jazz Band

Other Clubs
Social Justice
Guys Read Club
Math & Science Club
Youth Group
Coding Club
Athletic Committee
Rock Band
Maker Club

St. Pat's is very proud to have earned Platinum Eco-Schools Certification



St. Pat’s staff and students are learning about environmental stewardship. Together we can make a difference, starting with our habits here at school. We aim to reduce our waste, conserve energy, and green our school grounds. Look out for these upcoming initiatives: 
  • GOOS paper bins 
  • Waste/Recycling audits 
  • Energy audits 
  • Tree planting 
For more information on Eco-School Certification, click here.


St. Patrick's High School

is the

Teams and Coach(es) 9-12

Fall Season

Basketball (Jr. Girls) - Mr. Brinkworth

Soccer (Jr. Boys) - Ms. Goslin

Soccer (Sr. Boys) - Mr El-Saikali

Hockey (Varsity Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Coulombe, 

X-Country Running (Co-ed) - Mr. Sferrazza

Winter Season

Basketball (Jr. Boys) - Mr MacPherson

Basketball (Sr. Boys) - Mr Koeslag

Volleyball (Jr. Girls) - Ms. Gillis

Volleyball (Jr. Boys) - Mr Coulas

Volleyball (Sr. Girls) - Ms Valiquette

Wrestling (Co-ed) - Mr. Minifie

Badminton - Mr. Sferrazza / Ms Jundi

Spring Season

Rugby (Jr. Boys) - Mr Herby / Mr. Gregorich

Rugby (Sr. Boys) - Mr. Fernandez

Soccer (Varsity Girls) - Mr. El-Saikali

Track & Field (Boys & Girls) - Mr. Coulombe

Baseball (Varsity Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. O'Neil /

Mr Brinkworth

Touch Football (Girls) - Ms. Follis

Schedules and Standings for inter-school play can be found at 

For a list of 7-8 Sports Championships won. Click here

Student Council

Students elected by their peers to organize events, including dances, barbecues and charity events.

Secretary:  Wagma Sahak & Maimonah Al-Dulaimi
Community Reps:  Azizi Bernard-Edwin & Isabella 
Technical Coordinator:  Colton Ulicny & Sithara Peiris
Social Media Executive:  Sadie McSwiggan
Treasurer (Sr.):  Marco Onesi, Shonnah Innocent &                                      Matthew Bangs
Marketing Rep:  Jorjia Petrie
Co-Prez:  Josie Jabbour & Sarena Kowal
Grade 12 Reps: Mariam Joumaa & Zeenah Abdelrazep
Grade 11 Reps:  Chisom Ezeilo, Pedro Rolim & Cathy 
Grade 10 Reps:  Alexander Dalipaj & Sarah Alameh
Grade 9 Representatives: Amelia Nowaczek, Milana Nizi-
                                          Dagher & Antonia Agelopoulou


Education Week Activities

Catholic Education Week is Saturday, May 2nd to Friday, May 8th, 2020.  Activities are yet to be determined.

This week we also celebrate our two Director of Education Commendation Award recipients:  Department Head Jamie O'Neil and District Supervisor Doug Salt.  Congratulations!