School Picture Day - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

posted Sep 8, 2016, 11:03 AM by Kathleen Power
A reminder that Tuesday, September 20th is school picture day.  

Order forms, from "Added Touch Photo" were distributed to students in their information packages.  Additional copies are available in the main office.  All students will be called down to have their picture taken.  Those who wish to purchase pictures are asked to bring the order form and payment to the photographer.  

"Added Touch Photo" Tips for Picture Day:
  1. Plan ahead of time your background colour choice with your parent or guardian.
  2. Make sure your uniform is clean.
  3. Shave if necessary, you may use concealer to cover blemishes, but we do offer retouching as well.
  4. Bring a comb or brush and brush your hair just before your photo.
  5. You may want to bring a hair product to tame fly-away hair.
  6. Feel free to wear your glasses.  Our photographers are trained to reduce glasses glare.  Alternatively, if you have old lens-less frames; you could consider wearing those instead.
  7. And finally, our number one tip:  bring your smile!