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Principal's Newsletter-- September 1, 2023

Friday, September 1st, 2023

In this issue
- Principal’s Message 

- Catholic School Council

- Bell Times/Schedules

- Uniforms

- Meet the Teacher

- OC Transpo

- Opening Procedures

- Students Services - Welcome, High School Schedules and Course Changes

- Lunch Time and Cafeteria Service

- High School Exams and RSTs

- Student Fees

- Parent Portal, School Messenger and School Cash Online

- International Languages Secondary Program

- Important Dates

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Principal’s Message

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  The Irish Family is excited to welcome all new and returning students!  We have missed you!  We have been busy getting ready for your arrival on Tuesday morning.  

We are now in the third and final year of our Board’s 3-year Spiritual Theme: Gratitude, Rooted in Joy, Fills Us with Hope.  Our focus this year is on “HOPE”!  I invite you to reflect on what your HOPES are for this coming school year so that you can meet with success; and identify ways you will commit to making these HOPES a reality.  I hope that this year, you will continue to find GRATITUDE and JOY in all the projects, challenges and goals you work through.

This year, we are welcoming a new member to our Administration team: Mr. Paul Tamburrini.  Mr. Tamburrini is joining us after serving the Notre Dame community in the classroom for 14 years.  I had the pleasure of working with him for 4 of those years and I am very excited to have him join our team.  Mr. Tamburrini will be working with families with last names starting with D - Me.  Welcome to the Irish Family!  

Due to the sudden and quick announcement of Mr. Philippe Cossette’s transfer to Lester B. Pearson Catholic School in the last week of school, I was unable to share my sincerest gratitude for his support and dedication during his 4-year tenure here at St Pat’s.  I would like to wish him the best at his new school - and remind him that he will always be a part of the Irish family!

Our building has been undergoing some major “renovations” in the locker bay area following a flood mid-August.  Construction crews have been working 7 days a week to ensure the space is ready and I am grateful for their hard work.

I would also like to thank our Custodial Staff, Office and Support staff as well as our Guidance Team for their continued dedication to complete all summer tasks so that we are prepared to welcome your children on Tuesday.  

My HOPE for this year is that each and every student entering into our building this year finds “their” place and meets with success for the ‘23-’24 school year.

Stay Safe and Be Well!

Mme Al Koura

Catholic School Council

Our first Catholic School Council meeting will take place on Monday, September 25th at 7:00 pm.  At this first meeting, we will elect our executive and confirm the dates for future meetings. The meeting will be virtual.  To join the meeting please email the school to get a link for the meeting.

Bell Times/Schedules

A reminder of our schedule and bell times: please ensure your child is familiar with their bus route and/or walking route so that they are arriving on time.  If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the school to report the absence/late.  If your child is late, they will be asked to sign-in at the main office using our automated system.  You will receive a communication letting you know the time your child signed in.  If your child is absent, you will receive a different message to indicate the absence. 

High School Schedule                            Intermediate Schedule

8:30-9:55 HMRM + P1                     P1                       8:30-9:25

10:00-11:15 P2                                    P2                       9:30-10:20

11:20-12:00 LUNCH                            P3                       10:25-11:15

12:05-1:20 P3                                    P4                       11:20-12:10

1:25-2:40 P4                                    LUNCH               12:10-12:50

                                                                P5                       12:55-1:45

                                                                P6                        1:50-2:40


St Patrick’s is a uniformed school and our uniform supplier is Top Marks.  All families are asked to open an account with Top Marks if you have not already done so and to place your order directly to the company.  Top Marks will deliver the uniform to your home address.  Please visit their website at: with the St Patrick’s High School code PAT02


TOP (all items from Top Marks with St Patrick’s logo)



If your order has not arrived by the first day of school, we ask that your child arrive at school in black bottoms (dress pants, cargo pants, skirt - NO jeans, leggings or jogging pants) and a white-collared polo or dress shirt.


Donation of used uniforms for families in need would be greatly appreciated to help replenish our Used Uniform supply.  

Meet the Teacher

You are invited to our Meet the Teacher event that will be taking place “IN-PERSON” this fall.  Please join us on Thursday, September 21st between 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm for an opportunity to meet your child/children’s teachers.  An opening gathering will take place at 4:30 in the cafeteria before you can meet Intermediate staff in the 7/8 gym and the High School staff in the main gym.

OC Transpo

Our school uses public transit as our school’s transportation.  We do not use yellow bus service.  If your child is eligible for a Presto pass (this is determined by OSTA) and did not pick it up on the designated days last week, they will receive it on the first or second day of school.  Students are asked to register their card immediately upon receiving it.  Lost cards are not replaced by the office.

Opening Procedures

This year, all 7/8 students will have received an email communication (in their OCSB email account) indicating where they are to report on the first day (Grade 7s to the 7/8 Gym and Grade 8s to Gym C).  Any new students or those who cannot access their email account can report to the main office.  High School students can check MySPH on Monday evening for their first period homeroom class. 

Lockers will be available for use this year and will be assigned starting on the first day.  Due to the increase in student enrolment, we are currently awaiting the delivery and installation of 140+ lockers.  We have prioritized students in Grades 7-10 to be assigned lockers once they have their lock.  Some Grade 11 and 12 students will be assigned lockers at this time while the remainder will be assigned upon the installation of the new lockers.  We ask for your patience in this matter.

Students in grades 7- 12 must have a combination lock in order for their locker to be assigned.  A reminder that lockers are on “loan” to students for the duration of the school year.  Students are responsible for the contents of the locker they are assigned.  The practice of sharing combinations with friends or peers is highly discouraged. 

Students Services - Welcome, High School Schedules and Course Changes

The Student Services Department looks forward to welcoming students and working with parents this school year.  We invite you to visit the Student Services section of our school website ( for important information on Grade 7-12 programming, Community Service Hours Opportunities and Graduation & Post-Secondary information.  Appointment requests forms can also be accessed through this site. Please note:  dates and information will be updated throughout the school year as they become available.

High School Schedules (Grades 9-12)

Schedules for the current school year will be finalized the week before school.  

Returning students are asked to check their MySPH portal to view an updated schedule on Monday evening (September 4th).  Students can go directly to their Period 1 class on Tuesday morning.

Students who are new to the school may not be able to access MySPH and are asked to come to Student Services for a copy of their schedule.  Volunteers will be available to help students find their classes and to answer any questions. 

If a student has a blank on their schedule in Semester 1, they are asked to come to Student Services during the blank period to select a course. 

Students should ensure the following:

High School Schedule Changes (Grades 9-12)

An online course change request form will be available on the school website (Student Services section) on Tuesday, September 5th to address any issues with schedules. The form will be open until Wednesday, September 13th (8:00pm).  Course changes will be made based on availability and prioritized for the following reasons:

As was communicated during course selection, we are not able to make any changes to Grade 9 & 10 elective courses.

Guidance counsellors will respond to requests by email and will make appointments when needed. Students must check their school email for a response to their course change request.

It is very important that students continue to follow their current schedules until a guidance counsellor has communicated with them.  We will do our best to accommodate course change requests when possible.

Student Appointments (Grades 7-12)

Guidance counsellors will be focused on scheduling in the first week of school.  An online appointment request form will be available on Tuesday, September 12th for students wanting to meet with their counsellor for academic, career or personal counselling. The form will be on the school website (Student Services section).

Lunch Time and Cafeteria Service

We are very happy to have the cafeteria service return this fall.  Our cafeteria accepts cash and tap cards.  

7/8 students cannot leave school property at lunchtime (exception: if they are being signed out by a parent/guardian). 

High School students who chose to go off property at lunchtime must ensure they return to school in time for the start of their afternoon course.

The cafeteria service will only be available to serve students until 8:30 am and/or during their respective lunch block.  We ask that students NOT leave class to access the cafeteria service.

The Breakfast program will resume.  It will be a “Grab ‘N Go.”  Information on how to access the program will be shared with students in the first few days.

High School Exams and RSTs 

Our Grades 10-12 students will once again be completing RSTs and/or Exams as a part of the final assessment of their courses.  Once again, Grade 9 students will only complete RSTs, they will NOT have exams as part of their final assessments.  Please watch for an update regarding their schedule during that period.  

RSTs will be completed in the final 2-3 weeks before exams.  We ask that families please take note of the following dates and to avoid any non-essential travel or absences during those periods.  It is critical that students complete the designated final assessments to be able to earn their credit.  

Semester 1 RST Period                                                            January 8 - 24, 2024

Semester 1 Examinations (Grades 10-12)                            January 25 - 31, 2024

Semester 2 RST Period                                                             June 4 - 19, 2024

Second Semester Examinations (Grades 10-12)                  June 20 - 26, 2024

Student Fees

The fees for 2023-2024 school year are $45 and $30 for any additional siblings.  A reminder that this fee also covers the Yearbook, which will be available at the end of the school year.

Parent Portal, School Messenger and School Cash Online

In order to receive timely communications from the school, pay for any fees or access your child’s report card, you must sign-up for the following services.  If you have not already done so, please click on the links below to create your accounts.  

NEW THIS YEAR: Verification Forms, Consent Forms and Use of Technology forms MUST be completed online through the Parent Portal.  We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Parent Portal:

School Messenger:

School Cash Online:

International Languages Secondary Program

Did you know that you can learn or master a language other than English and French while earning credits towards your high school diploma? The International Languages Secondary program with OCSB offers courses in languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Yoruba, and more.  Classes are held virtually or in-person every Saturday morning, from 9 am to 12:30 pm. For more information, check out the brochure in the guidance counselors' office or visit 2023-2024 IL Secondary (Credit) program.

Important Dates

Please mark your calendars!

First Day of School

September 5, 2023

Picture Day

September 14, 2023

Last Day to Request Course Changes for Semester 1

September 16, 2023

Meet the Teacher (4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

September 21, 2023

First Catholic School Council Meeting

September 25, 2023

PD Day

October 6, 2023


October 9, 2023

H.S. Letters of Intervention

October 12, 2023

H.S. Parent-Teacher Interviews (Early Dismissal)

October 19, 2023

Photo Retakes

October 26, 2023

7/8 Parent-Teacher Interviews (Early Dismissal)

November 23, 2023

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful 2023-2024 School Year!

St. Patrick’s High School

2525 Alta Vista Drive

Ottawa, ON  K1V 7T3

Phone: 613-733-0501
Twitter: stpatricksIRISH

September Checklist for Parents and Students

We are very excited to welcome you back to school very soon!

Parents/Guardians we've created a checklist for you to reference before the start of school, ensuring you and your child don't miss out on any exciting news and opportunities we have here at St. Patrick's. If you have any questions or need further assistance please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday, September 5.

School Uniform Policy 


The school uniform at St. Patrick’s High School is both a source of pride and identification for the school.  By registering at St. Patrick’s, a student is agreeing to uphold the uniform regulations from the time they arrive at school until the end of the school day, including the lunch break.  Students who fail to comply with school uniform expectations may be sent home to change into the school uniform or they may be assigned a consequence.

Uniform clothing is ordered through TOP MARKS, our supplier.  Orders are placed through the company, and clothing is sent directly to students’ homes by courier.

Our Supplier information is below:

Top Marks  

St Patrick’s High School  code PAT02

Toll free 1-800-667-7105 (customer service)

**School Uniform consists of garments produced by TOP MARKS for St. Patrick’s High School.  All tops will bear a St. Patrick’s logo.  All bottoms will bear the TOP MARKS tag.**




Wearing clothing with culturally insensitive messages or images is not in keeping with our Catholic value of promoting a safe, caring and inclusive school community.  All students are encouraged to wear respectful clothing at all times when on school property or on a school related activity.

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