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Principal Newsletter- April 2024

Principal’s Message

Last week, our school came together in prayer for our beloved chaplain, Richmond Guillermo.  After suffering cardiac arrest on Sunday, April 21st, Richmond was placed in the ICU.  Over the past week and a half, we have prayed, written letters and cards and even gathered in his name.  Being believers in the power of prayer, and praying for a miracle, I am happy to share that Richmond has been showing significant positive improvements.  We ask for everyone’s continued prayers and strength - we truly do believe he can hear and feel them!!!!

Next week marks the annual Catholic Education Week (CEW) in Ontario.    This year’s celebration is entitled, “Catholic Education: We Are Called To Love”.  Please read the following Letter to Families and join us on Thursday, May 9th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm for our Open House.  This is an opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful work our students and staff have been doing here at St Pat’s!  On Tuesday evening, we will be celebrating VP Sheila Cousineau and Linda LoFaro after the OCSB CEW Mass where they will receive their Director of Education Commendation Award!!! 

To all families in our communities who recently celebrated Passover, may you have had a kosher and joyous Passover. 

Mme Al Koura

Catholic School Council

A quick reminder of the following date for our last meeting of the year: 

                Monday, May 13th, 2024 - Virtual

To join the May meeting virtually please email the school to get a link for the meeting.


We have noted a decline in student compliance when it comes to wearing the school uniform.  I am sharing once again the expectations for all St Pat’s students on a daily basis to avoid having students being sent home or asking parents to bring uniform items to the school! 

Bottoms: black dress pants, black cargo pants, black skirt or SPH Kilt (black leggings may be worn under the skirt and/or kilt however NOT on their own). NO jeans or jogging pants are to be worn. 

Tops: Top Marks shirts are the only permitted tops on a daily basis.  Grade 12 students are permitted to wear their Grad sweatshirt once they have received it.  Spiritwear is to be worn ONLY on Wednesday - not every day of the week.  

Students are expected to be in proper uniform all day, every day. 

*** BLACK JEANS, LEGGINGS AND JOGGING PANTS ARE NOT considered uniform bottoms. ***

Donation of used uniforms for families in need would be greatly appreciated to help replenish our Used Uniform supply. 

We ask that you support your child in arriving at school in proper uniform.

St Pat’s Drama Club Presents “Clue: On Stage” 

From April 11th to the 13th, the St. Pat’s Drama Club returned to the stage for a thrilling performance of Clue: On Stage. Under the guidance of our dedicated team of teachers and volunteers, the stage came alive with intrigue, laughter, and suspense. From the candlestick to the conservatory, every detail was meticulously crafted to transport the audience into a thrilling game of whodunit.

The cast and crew worked tirelessly to bring this classic tale to life, and their hard work paid off in a performance that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. As the final curtain fell, applause filled the air, a testament to the talent and dedication of our students.

On the Friday evening performance, the Ottawa Cappies critics attended to review the show for the Ottawa Citizen. All the reviews can be read on the Citizen website. Our school is proud to have showcased such a stellar performance. Keep an eye on the nominations that will be out very soon!

We extend our gratitude to everyone who supported the production, from the performers to the behind-the-scenes crew and our enthusiastic audience. Together, we created a night of entertainment and mystery that will linger in our memories for years to come. Until the next mystery unfolds, we thank our cast, crew, and all who made 'Clue: On Stage' an unforgettable success!

Follow this link for the Cappies reviews in the Ottawa Citizen:

Cappies Nominations

Nominations for this year’s Cappies Awards were announced on Wednesday evening.  We are very proud to share that Clue: On Stage was nominated in 13 categories!!!!!  

Looking forward to the Cappies Ceremony on Sunday, June 2nd at the National Arts Center where the winners in each category will be announced.  Go Irish!!!!!!!

Math Competitions

St. Patrick's was well represented recently in two separate boardwide math competitions. 

On Thursday, April 18, grade 11/12 students Maya Al Ali, Nathaniel Decarie, Kaine Ezirigwe, Alexis Julian-Diaz, Priyadarshan Kharel, and Zahra Nazari competed at St. Paul High School. 

On Thursday, April 25, grade 9/10 students Nermin Abed Ali, Makayla Agyekum, Elena Ginblat, and Padi Odonkor-McClean competed at St. Pius X High School.

Students worked hard through individual problems, team problems, team-relay problems, and logic puzzles. The students truly demonstrated the joy of the "productive struggle" in mathematics, and had a great time in the process.


Homework Club

Free homework clubs are running at the following branches of the Ottawa Public Library:  Carlingwood, Ruth E Dickinson, Orleans, Cumberland, St. Laurent 

A new program will also be starting at the Greenboro branch within the next couple of weeks. 

The 9th Annual R&B Summit

The 9th Annual R&B Summit, held on Thursday, April 25th, marked a significant event in our school's calendar as we welcomed talented R&B students from across the board to showcase their musical abilities. This highly anticipated gathering brought together students and professional musicians from the community for a night of exceptional performances and artistic celebration.

Each school participating in the summit delivered outstanding performances, highlighting the dedication and hard work these young musicians have invested throughout the year. Our very own St. Pat’s R&B Band, with their renditions of classics such as Walking on Sunshine, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Uptight, I'll Be There, and Respect, captivated the audience and demonstrated their musical prowess with flair and skill.

The event provided a platform for each student to shine, showcasing their phenomenal talents and passion for music. Their performances were a source of great pride for our school community, reflecting the commitment, excellence, and joy that define our music program at St. Pat’s.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Spring Concert on June 5th, where these talented students will once again grace the stage, inspiring us with their musical talents and dedication to their craft. 

Kiwanis Music Festival 

We are proud to announce that our St. Pat’s HS Concert Band and R&B Band made their debut at the Kiwanis Music Festival this month, both achieving a standing of Silver! This marks a remarkable achievement for our bands, showcasing their dedication and musical talent. Congratulations to all the students involved for playing their hearts out and representing our school with pride!

Celebrating Black Excellence

On Tuesday, April 30th, our BSA’s entry in the Black History Month’s Video contest took 1st Place (for the 2nd year in a row).  Our students created a heartfelt and genuine video answering how St Pat’s actively nurtures, recognizes, celebrates and embraces the unique identities of Black students.  They shared what makes our Black students feel seen, heard, acknowledged, and valued.  Finally they featured examples of how we foster a sense of pride, identity and belonging among Black students.  Click on this LINK to see the awesome video!!!!

In the same evening, our Black Student Grad Coach, David Kajoba, was presented with the Champions of Black Excellence certificate for the amazing work he does both here at St Pat’s as well as at Lester B Pearson.  



A huge congratulations goes out to the Jr. Girls Volleyball team who completed their undefeated season, on April 18th, by dominating Mer Bleu in the championship game. The team has been working hard practicing 4 mornings a week since late October and all of their hard work and dedication paid off by bringing the first ever Jr. Girls Championship to St. Pat's. Congratulations Team!!

St. Patrick’s Indoor Plant Sale

Attention Plant Parents! St. Pat's will be having a spring indoor plant sale at various times throughout May and June. If you can help with donations of small indoor house plants or cuttings please contact 

Dress Up Days

Please note that the following days are designated as Dress Up Days (non-uniform days) for the remainder of the school year.  

                                               Monday, May 27th

Monday, June 17th

Semester 2 Assessment Schedule

A continuous reminder that the June Assessment/Exam Schedule is already available.  We ask that families plan any vacations or early departures around these dates.  Students are required to be present for their RSTs and final assessments/exams.

Semester 2 RST Period                                                                      June 4 - 19, 2024

Second Semester Final Assessment/Exam (Grades 9/10-12)    June 20 - 26, 2024

Important Dates

Please mark your calendars!

OCSB/SPH Red Dress Day (Wear your Red Shirts)

May 3, 2024

Catholic Education Week

May 5-10, 2024

Full Disclosure (High School)

May 7, 2024

Open House

May 9, 2024

7/8 Play

May 9, 2024

Oscars Night

May 16, 2024

Victoria Day (No School)

May 20, 2024

Dress Up Day

May 27, 2024

Grad Mass

May 30, 2024


May 31, 2024

PD Day

June 3, 2024

Spring Concert

June 5, 2024

Dress Up Day

June 17, 2024

Have a great day!

St. Patrick’s High School

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Phone: 613-733-0501
Twitter: stpatricksIRISH

Letter of Attendance Requests -- 48 Hours Notice Required

Please be advised that due to the volume of requests being received ,  the Main Office will require 48 hours to complete a letter of attendance .  If you require a letter confirming the attendance of your child at St. Patrick's High School, please contact the office via email at or call us directly at 613-733-0501.  When making the request, please include your child's full name and grade as well as your contact information. 

School Uniform Policy 


The school uniform at St. Patrick’s High School is both a source of pride and identification for the school.  By registering at St. Patrick’s, a student is agreeing to uphold the uniform regulations from the time they arrive at school until the end of the school day, including the lunch break.  Students who fail to comply with school uniform expectations may be sent home to change into the school uniform or they may be assigned a consequence.

Uniform clothing is ordered through TOP MARKS, our supplier.  Orders are placed through the company, and clothing is sent directly to students’ homes by courier.

Our Supplier information is below:

Top Marks  

St Patrick’s High School  code PAT02

Toll free 1-800-667-7105 (customer service)

**School Uniform consists of garments produced by TOP MARKS for St. Patrick’s High School.  All tops will bear a St. Patrick’s logo.  All bottoms will bear the TOP MARKS tag.**




Wearing clothing with culturally insensitive messages or images is not in keeping with our Catholic value of promoting a safe, caring and inclusive school community.  All students are encouraged to wear respectful clothing at all times when on school property or on a school related activity.

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Director Of Education Commendation Award

Every year, the Director of Education has the privilege of acknowledging a select group of employees with a Commendation Award. This is the highest honour given to employees and is awarded for making an outstanding contribution to the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  

Congratulations to  Sheila Cousineau and Linda LoFaro  who received the 2024 Director of Education Commendation Award last night .  We're so blessed to have such dedicated staff and  pleased to honour you both during  Catholic Education Week.