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School Uniform Policy


The school uniform at St. Patrick’s High School is both a source of pride and identification for the school. By registering at St. Patrick’s, a student is agreeing to uphold the uniform regulations from the time they arrive at school until the end of the school day, including the lunch break. Students who fail to comply with school uniform expectations may be sent home to change into the school uniform or they may be assigned a consequence.

Uniform clothing is ordered through TOP MARKS, our supplier. Orders are placed through the company, and clothing is sent directly to students’ homes by courier.

Our Supplier information is below:

Top Marks

St Patrick’s High School code PAT02

Toll free 1-800-667-7105 (customer service)

**School Uniform consists of garments produced by TOP MARKS for St. Patrick’s High School. All tops will bear a St. Patrick’s logo. All bottoms will bear the TOP MARKS tag.**


  • black pants

  • Tartan skort

  • black skort

  • black cargo shorts,

  • white polo shirt / white blouse or white long or short sleeve shirt with St Patrick’s school logo

  • St. Patrick’s V-neck sweater, Crew neck sweater, or rugby shirt are permitted; older versions of the uniform (i.e. the St. Patrick's Intermediate hooded sweatshirt) are no longer part of the uniform

  • 7/8 physical education uniform includes black gym shorts and a grey t-shirt and is mandatory for all grade 7 and 8 students.


  • solid black tights or leggings may be worn under uniform skirts or kilts; pants, jeans or sweatpants are not permitted under the kilt


  • students may wear a plain white T-shirt under a uniform shirt or blouse; wearing a hooded sweatshirt

under a school long- or short-sleeved shirt is not permitted

  • girls may wear a plain white ladies’ camisole under a uniform shirt or blouse;

(plain white implies no writing, no logos, no diagrams)

  • camisoles may not be worn with sweater cardigans unless under a TOP MARKS shirt or


  • skirts and kilts must be worn at a respectable length and such that undergarments are not visible;

  • Pants and shorts are worn such that undergarments are not visible;

  • shirts, blouses, and sweater must be worn so shoulders and torsos are covered;

  • Hats and bandanas are not permitted;

  • the last Monday of each month (with the exception of June) may be designated a “Dress Up

Day” to support a designated charity. Students are reminded to exercise good taste in the selection of their “dress up” apparel.

  • every Wednesday is designated St. Patrick’s Spirit Day. Students may wear their St.

Patrick’s school team or club shirt, with proper uniform bottoms;

  • students must be in proper uniform for any off-site excursions or activities unless otherwise

approved by Administration;

  • Clothing or accessories that are deemed to be gang related in the opinion of Ottawa Police are

unacceptable and not allowed in the school;

  • any clothing or accessory that is deemed to be inappropriate in the opinion of the

Administration is unacceptable and is not allowed in the school.

Wearing clothing with culturally insensitive messages or images is not in keeping with our Catholic value of promoting a safe, caring and inclusive school community. All students are encouraged to wear respectful clothing at all times when on school property or on a school related activity.

Revised High School Graduation Requirements

The provincial government has revised the high school graduation requirements to include mandatory online courses. Students still need to earn 30-course credits to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but at least two of those credits need to be from e-learning courses.

Who’s affected?

The new requirement applies to any student currently in grade 10 or below. It does not affect students currently in grades 11 and 12.

Why the change?

The new requirement is intended to help students become familiar with working and learning in a fully online environment. e-Learning courses help develop digital literacy and other necessary transferable skills that will serve students well in all aspects of their lives.

What counts as an e-learning course?

An e-learning course is any asynchronous grade 9-12 online learning credit course delivered entirely using the internet. It does not require students to be present with one another or with their educator in the school or online. Because courses taken through St. Josephine Virtual High School are synchronous, they do not meet the criteria for this requirement.

Advantages of e-learning

In addition to developing students’ digital fluency and skills, e-learning courses have several other benefits. Students have access to a broader selection of courses and are not limited to those offered by their home school. Because the courses are asynchronous, students have greater flexibility and can choose to learn when best suits their schedule.

e-Learning at the OCSB continues to grow

The OCSB has offered e-learning courses since 2014. Both course offerings and participation have grown significantly since then. This year, 13% of students in grades 11 and 12 are enrolled in e-learning courses. When surveyed, 89% of current OCSB e-Learning students said they would take another e-learning course. Next year, we will offer 42 e-learning courses. These are designated with a J or a V in myBlueprint. Students can also talk to their guidance counselor to access additional courses offered by school boards across Ontario.

Can my child be exempted?

Despite its advantages, e-learning is not for everyone. Parents/guardians may opt out their child from the mandatory e-learning graduation requirement. Log into the parent portal and complete the Mandatory e-Learning Opt-out form to exempt your child from the graduation requirement. By completing the form in the Parent Portal, all your child’s student information will be automatically filled in.

If you do not have a parent portal account, you can use this link to access the Mandatory e-Learning Opt-out form.

Students who opt out of the e-learning courses will need to complete all 30 of their credits through in-person courses. Students will be reminded of the e-learning requirement and the option to opt out each spring during the course selection period.

Principal's Newsletter-- April 13, 2022

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

In this issue

- Principal’s Message

- Director of Education Award/Commendation

- Catholic School Council

- Paul Davis Presentation

- *NEW Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) - Transportation

- Ontario Skills Qualifying Competition Regional Winner

- Summer School

- Mini-Enrichment Courses

- High School Bell Times

- High School Interscholastic Sports

- Grade 12 Students - Community Service Hours Requirements

- Gr. 7/8 Guitar Club

- Visit to H.S. Religion classes from a St. Patrick’s Alumni

- OSSLT Update

- Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for Students

- Wool Sweater Day and Project Pollinate

Quick Links

St. Patrick




Parish Links

Immaculate Heart of Mary


Trustee for Zone 8 - Alta Vista - Gloucester - Southgate Wards

Mark Mullan


(613) 841-4836

Principal’s Message

With the lifting of many Covid restrictions came the return of many extra-curricular activities. I am happy to see so many of our students rediscover some of their favourite activities and reconnect with friends who share those same interests.

I am very pleased to report that our students have stepped up as expected and have been very respectful of each other’s choice when it comes to mask use. I would like to remind everyone that continued regular/frequent hand washing is encouraged moving forward. We also want to thank everyone (staff, students and parents/guardians) for their on-going patience and flexibility as we navigate through the staff shortages due to Covid-related absences.

In this edition of the newsletter, I am sharing many exciting announcements and articles. We have been busy!

As we walk through Holy Week I would like to share my deepest wishes for a restful and reflective Easter season. To our Muslim families - Ramadan Mubarak!

Stay Safe and Be Well!

Mme Al Koura

Director of Education Award/Commendation

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sharyn Vitalis-Burke (Senior Office Administrator) and Tu Vuong (ESL Teacher) who have been selected as recipients of the Director of Education Award! The Irish family is very honoured and blessed to have you as members of the SPH Staff.

Catholic School Council

Our next Catholic School Council meeting will take place on Monday, April 25th @ 7:00 pm. The final meeting will be taking place on: May 30th @ 5:00 pm.

We will keep the same link for the Google Meets for the entire school year. Please email our school account ( for a copy of the link for the meeting. We hope to see you among us!

Paul Davis Presentation

Our school was lucky to have Paul Davis present virtually to ALL of our students. He followed up with one lucky class (Mr. Sasso), with a 20-minute Q&A.

The St Patrick's Catholic School Council was able to bring the “Parent Presentation” to our parent community. The Virtual Presentation took place on April 4th at 7:30 pm. We would like to thank all parents who joined us for the Paul Davis: Social Networking and Online Safety Session last week. We learned about the difficult path it can be, for our teens, to navigate our digital world.

Door prizes winners were:

  • $25 Tim Horton's - Brent Dowdall

  • $25 Subway - Kim Swartz

  • $50 Independent - Kim LeClair

  • $50 Independent - Dawn Eady-Dowdall

  • $50 Independent - Glen Ewaschuk

For more information on what YOU can do to help your youth to navigate the Social Media platforms click on this LINK for a Social Media Safety document.

*NEW Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) - Transportation

They did it again!!!! Congratulations to our Technology Department that will be adding a 4th SHSM to our school roster. The SHSM program allows students to gain some hands-on experience in an in-demand career sector while still in high school. “Students in Grade 11 and 12 get to explore career options, gain qualifications and start carving out their future right now.” Mr. Shawn Johnston is our Lead Teacher for the Transportation SHSM. If you would like some more information about this opportunity, please contact the school.

Ontario Skills Qualifying Competition Regional Winner

Congratulations to Mohammed Ba Haroon and Duy Vu Le for winning a bronze medal against 42 other teams at the Ontario Skills Qualifying competition in TV and Video Production. The St. Patrick's High School team came first in the Ottawa region. Ontario Skills is a yearly event bringing Secondary and Post-Secondary students together, offering competitions in various scopes. Mohammed and Duy Vu have advanced to the provincial level and will compete at the end of April.

Summer School

Summer school information is now available. Registrations can be completed online. For more details and for application forms, you can visit the Student Services Section of our school website ( or go to the following link: Summer School Information

Mini-Enrichment Courses

The Mini-Enrichment Courses are running once again, hosted by the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. St Patrick’s has a strong participation this year with 58 of our Grades 8-10 students participating in this unique and enriching experience. These 58 students will be attending this program during the first week in May. This is the most number of students we have ever had participate in the program and speaks to the amazing caliber of students in our building. I would like to thank Mrs Alsen for her commitment to bringing this experience to such a large number of students!

High School Schedule - Bell Times

With the changes in Covid protocols, we are making one more change to the H.S. schedule, where we will be returning to ONE high school lunch period. This change is being made to better accommodate the many activities that have returned as well as it will allow our Intermediate students access to the cafeteria space for eating during their lunch period. Our Intermediate teachers are looking forward to supporting this transition as it allows our students another opportunity to stretch their legs and move around.

High School Schedule

8:30-9:55 HMRM + P1

10:00-11:15 P2

11:20-12:00 LUNCH

12:05-1:20 P3

1:25-2:40 P4

High School Interscholastic Sports

We are very happy to have high school sports starting up again.

Athletes at St. Pat's continue to have success in their respective sports. Winter sports are wrapping up while spring sports are getting started.

Our Sr. Girls Volleyball team finished their regular season with a 7 wins - 0 loss record. They came up short in the championship game and finished in second place in the league. Congratulations for a great season!!!

The Varsity Boys Basketball team also had an undefeated regular season with an 8 wins - 0 loss record. The boys played well but lost a close quarter final game by 3 points to Woodroffe.

Our Jr Volleyball teams are doing well as their seasons continue. The Jr. Boys are in top spot of their division with a 4-0 record. The Jr. Girls also sit in the number one spot in their division with a 5-0 record.

Looking forward to the spring when the following teams will begin their competition:

- Varsity Girls Soccer

- Varsity Girls Touch Football

- Varsity Girls Rugby

- Sr Boys Rugby

- Jr Boys Rugby

- Varsity Baseball

- Track and Field

Grade 12 Students - Community Service Hours Requirements

Grade 12 students are reminded that they must complete 20 hours of Community Service to meet graduation requirements this school year. Opportunities are available in the Student Services section of the school website (

Grade 7/8 Guitar Club

Mr. Sasso's guitar club is back up and running. The guitarists are working on rehearsing "The House of the Rising Sun" along with basic warm-ups and finger-style technique.

Visit to H.S. Religion classes from a St. Patrick’s Alumni

On Wednesday, March 30th, a St.Patrick's alumni from the class of 2019, Yonatan Girmas, in coordination with our chaplain, Richmond Guillermo, presented: his inspiring witness of his experiences in a refugee camp, a dangerous time in Kenya that led to his immigration to Canada, his first years at St.Patrick’s as an ESL student, and how he came to experience the power of God in guiding him to his future path. He recently successfully graduated from Algonquin college's business program. Students in both Mr. Minifie's Gr. 10 Religion class as well as Mr. Halpin's Gr. 12 Religion class were inspired by Yonatan's authentic message.

OSSLT Update

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is a graduation requirement for all high school students in Ontario. Any grade 10 and 11 students who were unsuccessful on the Fall literacy test, as well as grade 12 students who will be returning next year will have the opportunity to write the OSSLT on May 9, 10, 11, or 12th. A personalized email indicating when students are writing will be sent to their school email accounts in the coming weeks.

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for Students

A reminder that the school has RATs available for students who may have already used up the box that was already sent home. We encourage regular testing so please have your child come to the office to ask for a replacement box. We have a limited number so first come, first served!

Wool Sweater Day and Project Pollinate

This month the St. Patrick’s EcoTeam hosted a wool sweater day that raised nearly $1700 for Project Pollinate. Through this effort, nearly 30 classes received window ledge greenhouses for starter plants. The remaining funds will be used to build outdoor planter boxes used to contain pollinator friendly native plant species.

Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter!

St. Patrick’s High School

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Order school uniforms for 2021-2022

Top Marks has provided the following information for online ordering that includes free shipping and returns. Order by June 30 to make sure your uniform arrives by September. Please see this SPH Order Form Package with information about ordering, sizing and more.

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