Student Life

Extra-curricular activities are privileges available to students who fulfill their academic and behavioural responsibilities at St. Patrick’s. All students at St. Patrick’s are encouraged to join clubs, groups, and/or teams.

Sadly, many of our sports teams and clubs may not be able to resume as we hope in the fall of 2020. Please know that we are anxious for them to begin as soon as it is safe and possible to run them. Check back here for updates.

Some of our clubs, activities and sports teams have websites, social media platforms, etc. Please click below to access these additional sources of information.

Clubs & Activities


Grades 7-8


Ultimate Frisbee - Ms. Johnstone

X-Country Running - Mrs. Weeks


Girls Rugby - Ms. Bennett

Boys Rugby - Ms. Barrett

Boys Volleyball - Mr. McKinnon/Pelisek

Girls Volleyball - Ms. Woodbyrne/Ms. Johnstone


Boys Volley Ball- Mr. McKinnon and Ms. Pelisek

Girls Volleyball- Mr. McKinnon and Ms. Pelisek


Tchoukball - Mr. Beernink


Girls Floorball - Mrs. Barrett/ Ms. Bennett

Boys Floorball - Mr. Barber


Badminton - Ms.Weeks

Ice Hockey - Mr. Walman


Boys Basketball - Mr. McKinnon/Pietrantonio

Girls Basketball - Hepditch/Woodbyrne


Boys Touch Football - Mr. Beernink

Girls Touch Football - Ms. Bennett/Ms. Barrett


Track & Field - Mr. McKinnon

Boys Softball - Mr. Barber

Girls Softball - Mr. Woodbyrne

Grades 9-12

Fall Season

Football (Varsity) - Mr. Gregorich

Basketball (Jr. Girls) - Mr. Brinkworth / Ms. St-Amour

Soccer (Varsity Boys) - Ms. Bolzon / Mr. El-Saikali

Hockey (Varsity Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Coulombe

Volleyball (Sr. Boys) - Ms. Gillis

X-Country Running (Co-ed) - Mr. Sferrazza

Golf (Co-ed) - Mr Coulombe

Rugby 7’s (Jr and Sr) Mr. Fernandez / Mr. Herby

Winter Season

Basketball (Jr. Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Rassi

Basketball (Sr. Boys) - Mr. Koeslag

Volleyball (Jr. Girls) - Ms. Gillis

Volleyball (Jr. Boys) - Ms. Pelisek / Ms. Sangalli

Volleyball (Sr. Girls) - Ms. Valiquette

Wrestling (Co-ed) - Mr. Minifie

Badminton - Mr. Sferrazza / Ms. Letourneau

Spring Season

Rugby (Jr. Boys) - Mr Herby / Mr. Gregorich / Mr. Fernandez

Rugby (Sr. Boys) - Mr Herby / Mr. Gregorich / Mr. Fernandez

Soccer (Varsity Girls) - Ms. Bolzon / Mr. El-Saikali

Track & Field (Boys & Girls) - Mr. Coulombe

Baseball (Varsity Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Testa / Mr Brinkworth

Touch Football (Girls) - Ms. Follis

Student Council

Our Student Councils plan spirit activities, school events and initiatives to support various charities. Our high school co-presidents also represent St. Pat's as part of the board level student senate. There are separate councils for both 7/8 and for high school. When possible, events are coordinated to involve the whole school.

Staff contacts (high school) - R. Bolzon, P. Roddick

Staff contacts (7/8) - L. Baril, H. Weeks

HS Student Council

Co-Presidents: Pedro Rolim & Yianni Monette

Grade 12 Reps:

Grade 11 Reps:

Grade 10 Reps:

Grade 9 Reps:


Community Reps:

Technical Coordinator:

Social Media Executive:

Treasurer (Sr.):

Marketing Rep: