Student Life

Extra-curricular activities are privileges available to students who fulfill their academic and behavioural responsibilities at St. Patrick’s. All students at St. Patrick’s are encouraged to join clubs, groups, and/or teams

Clubs & Activities

Grades 7-8


Art Club

Drama Club

Glee Club

Guitar Club

Beats Club

Concert Band

Jazz Band

Other Clubs




Social Justice

Guys Read Club

Math & Science Club

Youth Group

Coding Club

Athletic Committee

Rock Band

Maker Club


Grades 7-8


Ultimate Frisbee - Ms. Price

X-Country Running - Mrs. Weeks


Girls Rugby - Mr. Kennedy

Boys Rugby - Mr. McKinnon

Boys Volleyball - Mr. McKinnon/Pekisek

Girls Volleyball - Mr. Sweeney


Wrestling (Coed) - Mr. Stern


Table Tennis / Ping Pong - Mr. McKinnon/Sweeney

Tchoukball - Mr. Beernink


Girls Floorball - Mrs. Weeks

Boys Floorball - Mr. Walman

Girls Futsal - Mrs. LeBlanc

Boys Futsal - Mr. El-Saikali


Badminton - Mr. Carbonetti

Ice Hockey - Mr. Walman


Boys Basketball - Mr. McKinnon/Hepditch

Girls Basketball - Mr. Stern


Boys Touch Football - Mr. Stern

Girls Touch Football - Mr. Beernink


Track & Field - Mr. McKinnon

Boys Softball - Mr. Sasso

Girls Softball - Mr. Hepditch

Chess Club - Mr. Kennedy

Grades 9-12

Fall Season

Football (Varsity) - Mr. Stern / Mr. Gregorich

Basketball (Jr. Girls) - Mr. Brinkworth / Ms. St-Amour

Soccer (Varsity Boys) - Ms. Bolzon / Mr. El-Saikali

Hockey (Varsity Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Coulombe

Volleyball (Sr. Boys) - Ms. Gillis

X-Country Running (Co-ed) - Mr. Sferrazza

Golf (Co-ed) - Mr Coulombe

Rugby 7’s (Jr and Sr) Mr. Fernandez / Mr. Herby

Winter Season

Basketball (Jr. Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Rassi

Basketball (Sr. Boys) - Mr. Koeslag

Volleyball (Jr. Girls) - Ms. Gillis

Volleyball (Jr. Boys) - Ms. Pelisek / Ms. Sangalli

Volleyball (Sr. Girls) - Ms. Valiquette

Wrestling (Co-ed) - Mr. Minifie

Badminton - Mr. Sferrazza / Ms. Letourneau

Spring Season

Rugby (Jr. Boys) - Mr Herby / Mr. Gregorich / Mr. Fernandez

Rugby (Sr. Boys) - Mr Herby / Mr. Gregorich / Mr. Fernandez

Soccer (Varsity Girls) - Ms. Bolzon / Mr. El-Saikali

Track & Field (Boys & Girls) - Mr. Coulombe

Baseball (Varsity Boys) - Mr. MacPherson / Mr. Testa / Mr Brinkworth

Touch Football (Girls) - Ms. Follis

Student Council

Students elected by their peers to organize events, including dances, barbecues and charity events.

Secretary: Maimonah Al-Dulaimi & Wagma Sahak

Community Reps: Azzi Bernard-Edwin & Isabella Hotston

Technical Coordinator: Colton Ulicny & Sithara Peiris

Social Media Executive: Sadie McSwiggin-True

Treasurer (Sr.): Marco Onesi, Matthew Bangs & Shonah Innocent

Marketing Rep: Jorja Petrie

Co-Prez: Josie Jabbour & Sarena Kowal

Grade 12 Reps: Mariam Joumaa

Grade 11 Reps: Pedro Rolim & Chisom Ezeilo

Grade 10 Reps: Alex Dalipaj & Sarah Alameh

Grade 9 Representatives: Milan Nizic-Dagher, Amelia Nowaczek, Alexandra Mendes, Abby Hoy, Antonia Angelopoulou, and Zariah Lennon.