Grade 9-12 Clubs

Please note: Unfortunately, many of our clubs may not be able to resume right away in September. We will hopefully get them up and running as soon as it is safe and possible to do so.

Some of our clubs have websites, social media platforms, etc. to help members to stay informed and to connect. Please click below where you see a link to learn more!

After School Fitness Club

The After School Fitness Club offers self-directed fitness in the Fitness room. Staff Contact: Mr. Koeslag, Mr. MacPherson

After School Literacy

The After School Literacy Club offers a relaxed, non-threatening classroom environment where students learn literacy skills and learn how to cope with their fears and anxieties about the literacy test. We meet twice a week from October to March in Room 130. Staff Contact: C. Sferrazza & J. Siok


The Ambassadors Club represents the school at various functions at the school and out in the community. Examples include School Photo Day, Meet the Teacher Night Parent Teacher Interviews (both sessions), conducts Grade 8 Tour of the School, Work with Top Marks at the Intermediate School, Prince of Peace Fun BBQ, Greeters and Guides to visitors to the school for Special Events-Conferences, Board Meetings in our school, the Awards Ceremony, Program Night,Remembrance Day ceremony and more.

We begin in September in the Learning Commons and meet as needed. Listen to morning announcements for upcoming meetings. Staff Contact: C. Sferrazza

Art Club

The Art Club is about having fun creating, experimenting with new art forms and collaborating on school art projects. We meet once per week in room 72 (the Art classroom). Staff Contact: M. Frost

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a leadership group that pairs student volunteers (Peer Buddy) with students with exceptionalities (buddies) for social activities such as Arts & Crafts, Indoor/outdoor games and sports. We meet Tuesdays at Lunch in Room 229. Staff Contact:

Black History

Black History Month is a unique opportunity for all students to lead in our school’s recognition and celebration of the past and present contributions that Afro-Caribbean Canadians make to the life of Canada in education, science and technology, medicine, art, culture, public service, economic development, politics, human rights and more.

Every year through the month of February, as part of the celebration, St. Patrick’s High School hosts students to events that provide opportunities for our school community to learn more about black history, race relations and multicultural Canada through career events, music, dance, fashion, skit, video presentations and more. For more information, contact M. Sasso, F. El-Saikali

Book Club

The Book Club reads and discusses various genres of books over lunch. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month at lunch time in the Learning Commons. Staff Contacts: K. Batabyal, T. Partridge

Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team is open to any student interested in promoting spiritual well-being and helping organize faith-based events in our school. We organize retreats, faith studies & community prayer. We help our school respond to what's going on in our world through community outreach & service projects. We meet every Monday in the chapel at lunch. Contact : Dr. Joe

Chess Club

The Chess Club invites you to play chess, improve your game and enter chess tournaments. We attend Ottawa Regional Tournaments and we often qualify for the Ontario Provincial Tournament. We meet every Wednesday, Nov - Apr at Lunch in the Learning Commons (back left corner). Staff Contact: Mrs. Healy


The St. Pat's Choir prepares music for the school-wide liturgies (Thanksgiving, Advent, Easter and Grad mass). We meet before each liturgy for 30 minutes before or after school in the music room or the chapel. Contact: G. Minifie

Classroom Coaches

Who we are: We are students in Gr 12 who have a spare in either Semester 1 or Semester 2. We volunteer to go into a junior class (Gr. 9 or Gr. 10) to support students in an area of personal strength (eg. math, French, science, English, etc.)

What we do: We coordinate with the classroom teacher and decide upon a schedule of classroom support. This may be every day of the week for the full period, a few days a week, a portion of a period -- the frequency of visits is decided upon by the classroom teacher and the coach.

Benefits to the coaches: We gain valuable experience, help others, earn Community Service Hours and use the experience to bolster a resume or college/university application.

How to get involved: Pick up an application in the Student Success Room (Locker Bay); complete and return the application to Mrs. Healy in the Student Success Room. Be sure to have a minimum of 70% in the subject area for which you wish to be coach. Also, be sure to understand that you are making a commitment - the students in the class and the classroom teacher will be counting on you as a valuable member of their class. You will be contacted about your classroom match.

Coding Crew

The Coding Crew offers students the opportunity to enter programming competitions and challenges. We meet Mondays at Lunch in room 305. Staff contact: K. Zebarth

Concert Band

The Senior Concert Band is a full credit course offered after school. The Band performs regularly at school throughout the year. We meet in the music room (B11) every Monday and Wednesday 2:45 to 4:00. Contact: C. Dube

Note: This class starts in September so see Mrs. Dube in Room B-11 at the beginning of the School Year to get registered

Dance Team

Dance team try-outs will be Tues. Sept 29, Wed. Sept 30, Thurs. Oct. 1 and Tues. Oct. 6. Dancers must come to at least two tryouts and the mandatory Tues. Oct. 6 final cuts. Appropriate work-out/dance attire is a must.

Regular practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3-4:30. All try-outs and practices take place in the Dance Studio in Locker bay. When we are preparing for a performances, addition practices will be added in the mornings and other days after school.

Staff contact: S. Valiquette

Drama Club

The Drama Club puts on a Spring play. We meet twice a week. See staff contact for details. Staff Contact: F. El-Saikali, C. Sangalli, C. Dube

Environment Club & Eco Team

The Environment Club & Eco Team encourage community mindfulness and respect for the environment. The club pursues eco-school certification, maintains the school greenhouse, all indoor and outdoor gardens and trees and continues to green the school wherever possible. Our community initiatives include:

  • School grounds cleanup (twice a year)

  • Annual e-waste community collection day

  • Adopted park clean up (twice a year)

  • Sponsoring sustainability events and awareness campaigns with speakers, exhibits, daily announcements and a bulletin board in the mall.

  • Classroom GOOS bins

  • Mother's day plant sale.

  • Waste free lunch program

  • Green bin program

  • Ten classroom worm composters,

  • A community garden

We meet Tuesdays at Lunch in room 223 and after school every third Tuesday of the month. Staff Contact: P. Herby

European Excursion Club

The European Excursion Club organizes an annual trip to various destinations in Europe. We meet as needed throughout the year in room 122. See staff contact for more details. Staff Contact: M. Bellefeuille

Girl's Fitness

The Girl's Fitness Club meets Friday after school in the Fitness Room. Contact: M. Mammone

Homework Club


Irish Newcomers Club

The Irish Newcomers Club brings together students who are new to our school and students who wish to welcome newcomers to our school. We share information about our backgrounds and various cultures. We organize cultural excursions, enjoy outdoor activities, engage in volunteerism and participate in fundraising activities. We meet every Tuesday at lunch in Room 227 (Oct - May). Staff Contacts: Mrs. Healy and Mrs. Sanchez

Knitting & Crochet Club

Learn to knit and crochet with the Knitting & Crochet Club. We make hats, scarves and blankets for those in need. We meet on Mondays after school in the Learning Commons. Contact: T. Partridge and K. Batabayal,

Leadership Camp Team

The Leadership Camp Team organizes and hosts an annual off-site leadership camp for students. We meet throughout the month of September as needed to prepare for the camp. Staff Contact: A. McCullagh & J. Siok

Math Club

The Math Club works on challenging math problems, prepares for Waterloo Math contests,

UOttawa Math Horizons Day and other local math events.

We meet Tuesdays on Day 1 at lunch in room 312. Staff Contact: A.-M. Steneker

Man Up/Empower Women

The Man Up and Empowered Women's student-staff groups at St. Patrick's High School are groups of leaders within our school that seek to create positive change in our community around such social justice issues as gender and sexuality related issues; consent; racism; mental health. Click on the link above to access our website. Staff contacts: D. Alsen, M. Koeslag

Peer Mentors

Peer mentorship is all about students helping students. This program runs through our Grade 12 Mentorship class.

Prom Committee

The Prom Committee plans and carries out all events related to prom. We meet as needed throughout the year. Please see staff contact for details. Staff Contacts: C. Sakiadis, M. Brinkworth, S. Kruzlics, F. El-Saikali

Rainbow Alliance

The St. Patrick's High School Rainbow Alliance is a student-staff member alliance at St. Patrick's High School that is aimed at supporting and holding up members of our 2SLGBTQ+ community. Click on the link above to visit our website. Staff contacts: Dr. Joe, M. Koeslag, D. Alsen, D. Testa, S. Johnston

Rhythm & Blues (R&B) Band

The Rhythm and blues Band is a full credit course offered after school. The Band performs regularly at school throughout the year. We meet in the music room (B11) every Thursday from 2:45 to 4:45. Contact: C. Dube

Note: This class starts in September so see Mrs. Dube in Room B-11 at the beginning of the school year to get registered.

Ski & Snowboard Club

The Ski and Snowboard Club organizes skiing and snowboarding outings to Camp Fortune during the months of January and February. Contact: C. Jackson.

SPH Justice League

The SPH Justice League focuses on various social justice initiatives in the school, for example, supporting our community and the Shepherds of Good Hope through the annual Christmas Campaign. Contact: J. Siok

Students as Researchers (ST.A.R.)

Who we are: A team of 4 students and 1 staff mentor who are curious and motivated and interested in improving our school.

When we meet: Usually at lunch, sometimes after school October - April

Staff Contact: Mrs. Healy plus Teacher Mentor of that year

What we do: Students participate in a Ministry of Education initiative which invites students to: consider an issue regarding their educational experience that is important to them, pose an inquiry question, conduct ethical research, analyze the research and come up with recommendations to address the issue. The next step - usually the following year - is to implement the recommendations.

Benefits to Members: Students receive amazing training, are exposed to a new skill set, learn how to write a thesis, interact with the Board and the Ministry, have opportunities for public presentations and have fun working with other self-directed learners. It is a great experience and quite unique. Team members also benefit from the satisfaction of working to improve our school community.

Student Council

Student Council promotes school spirit and engagement within the school through spirit days and cultural activities. Staff Contacts: R. Bolzon, P. Roddick


Our yearbook is created by students who take the Media Arts class. Check with your guidance counselor or speak with our staff advisors to see what the possibilities are. It is important to sign up during course selection time to ensure that you are part of the yearbook staff.

Staff contacts: F. El-Saikali, C. Dube

40+ Club

Who we are: We are students who have earned our 40 Hours of Community Service.

What we do: We encourage Grade 9 students to work to earn their community service hours as soon as possible in their high school career - preferably by the end of Grade 9. We help Grade 9 students investigate opportunities for volunteerism. We visit Grade 9 homeroom classes to tell them about the incentives. Grade 9 students who earn all of their hours by the end of their first year in high school are congratulated by: being treated to a free pizza lunch, being given a 'St. Pat's 40+' t-shirt that can be worn on Spirit Wear Days and enjoying a box of 'Smarties' for being so smart about their hours!

Benefits to members: We engage the Grade 9 students in a fun way and we promote volunteerism. We also help fellow students complete the requirements for their Secondary School Graduation Diploma.

How to get involved: Complete your 40 Hours of Community Service, then see Mrs. Healy in the Student Success Room (Locker Bay). If you complete these hours in Grade 9, she will find you and invite you to join.