Health & Wellness SHSM

Health Education and Related Technologies (HEART) Program

The Specialist High Skills Major at St. Patrick's High School allows students to explore and experience assorted careers in the Health and Wellness Sector.

The program specializes in three areas:

  • Health Care - emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion by developing knowledge related to life style and impact on health, and skills in using medical terminology, assessing vital signs, documenting patient histories, donning and removing personal protective equipment, and patient care.

  • Laboratory Skills - focus on first aid, immunological techniques, use of common lab equipment and bacteriology.

  • Child and Elder Care -addresses skills including bathing, feeding, personal care, transfers, mobility, and use of assistive devices for daily living.

This program includes access to real-world experiences through experiential learning, cooperative education and partnerships established with local hospitals, health care practitioners and fitness centres. Students will have the opportunity to participate in hospital tours, classroom presentations, and job shadowing. In addition, students will develop effective teamwork and communication skills as they engage in various health promotion activities.